Новый Renault Captur покоряет города своим новшеством, полный обзор модели.

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    On November 6, 2013, The Renault-Nissan Alliance officially received the agreement from the Russian Central Bank to create RN Bank, a joint venture between Renault-Nissan (60 %) and the Italian Unicredit Group (40%).
      STA plant, Ruitz: Production of the first 4WD automatic transmission  
    Ruitz, France, October 2013 – The Société de Transmissions Automatiques (STA – Automatic Transmissions Company) was given the go-ahead to start manufacturing the new DP8 automatic gearbox. It is intended for the 4WD version of Renault Duster. The DP8 is the first automatic gearbox for four-wheel drive vehicles designed and manufactured by the Renault Group.
    STA plant, Ruitz: Production of the first 4WD automatic transmission
      Chrono 115, Episode 10: The turbocharging saga  
    Renault is 115 years old! Throughout 2013 Declic will be bringing you 12 "Chrono 115" stories to tell you about some of the highlights in the company's history. They will be examined from the angle of the major themes that are Renault strong points today, with each theme developed over three months. The themes are: quality, zero-emissions vehicles / the environment, design, and innovation for all. Episode 10: The turbocharging saga.

     More powerful cars… Even right at the start of the 20th century that was what carmakers wanted, and their main showcase was motor racing. Louis Renault had become a leading name in the automobile world since the launch in 1898 of his “Voiturette” with a De Dion Bouton engine and revolutionary direct drive transmission. But it was only in 1902 that Renault began designing its own engines.

    Power, yes, but not at any price! Louis Renault already believed that engines should be light in weight. It was with this in mind that he invented a system known as supercharging that made engines more powerful without the need to enlarge them. The system was registered as patent number 327,452 on 17 December 1902. This is how it worked: by increasing the amount of gases allowed into the cylinder on each stroke, greater compression occurred and therefore a more forceful explosion, generating more power. A ventilator or a small compressor controlled by the engine itself was what took the combustible gases to the engine.

    Chrono 115, Episode 10: The turbocharging saga
      Johannesburg motor show: Duster makes a Detour via South Africa  
    Johannesburg motor show: Duster makes a Detour via South Africa

    Johannesburg, South Africa, 30 October 2013 – Renault unveiled its Duster Détour concept car, a version of the SUV with an even more adventurous look, in a world premiere at the Johannesburg International Motor Show held from 16 to 27 October. In addition to the range already on sale in South Africa, Renault also presented New Clio Renault Sport 200 EDC and New Koleos for the first time in the country.
      Meet the men and women who design the world champion engine  
    The latest Formula 1 world title is the result of the work and people at Renault Sport F1 who for more than 35 years have been designing engines that have thrilled motor sport fans during the racing season. All these men and women embody boldness, creativity and expertise in the high-tech, ultra-competitive world of Formula 1.

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