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    AVTOVAZ is entering new markets in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia

    Zhukovsky (Moscow region) – June 27, 2012. AVTOVAZ, part of the Russian Technologies State Corporation, will start supplying cars to Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia under a cooperation agreement with the Peruvian company called Automotive Company SAC. The relevant document was signed at the opening of the Second International ‘Forum of Engineering Technologies 2012’.

    AVTOVAZ is entering new markets in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia

    The agreement was signed by the AVTOVAZ Vice-President Mr Fedosov and Mr Navierre, President of the Automotive Company SAC.
    This agreement is a milestone for AVTOVAZ in cooperating with Latin America, said Mr Fedosov. It shows that the Russian automotive industry has great potential for further development. In the near future we will implement a pilot project to supply several hundred Lada cars. Its success will enable us to increase our supplies in Latin America.

    This contract involves promoting the entire Lada model range on the markets in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. As part of the three-year agreement, AVTOVAZ will supply products, technical support and consulting services. In return, Automotive Company SAC will purchase Lada cars and spare parts and carry out warranty and post-warranty maintenance.

    AVTOVAZ is a Russian automotive company founded in 1966. It is a part of the Russian Technologies State Corporation. AVTOVAZ is the largest manufacturer of motor cars in Russia and Eastern Europe. Its 2011 net profit was 3.1 billion RUB. AVTOVAZ is one of the leaders amongst Russian companies in terms of attracting foreign investments. The headquarters and main production facilities are located in Tolyatti, Samara region.
    Russian Technologies is a Russian state-owned corporation, established in 2007 to assist in developing, manufacturing and exporting high-tech industrial products for civil and military use. The Corporation includes 592 companies and organizations, 439 of which are located in Russia. 330 companies belong to the military industrial complex, 21 of them are city-forming enterprises. The Russian Technologies headquarters are located in Moscow. The corporate organizations are located in 54 constituents of the Russian Federation and supply products to more than 50 countries around the world. The Russian Technologies 2010 net profit was 1.768 billion RUB.
    Automotive Company SAC is a subsidiary of Autocraft Japan Ltd. It is one of the leading Peruvian companies importing motor vehicles into Peru and other Latin American countries. Automotive Company SAC has its own infrastructure and service network in several cities in Peru. The company runs similar businesses in Chili, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

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