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    100,000 electric vehicles

    Paris (France), July 23, 2013 – The Renault-Nissan Alliance is celebrating the sale of its 100,000th electric vehicle, just two years after the launch of the first Nissan LEAF in the USA and six months after the reveal of ZOE. The figure positions the Alliance as the clear leader in the segment, far ahead of other carmakers in terms of sales volumes and market share.

    Renault is the only carmaker today with a range of four electric vehicles: Kangoo Z.E., Fluence Z.E., Twizy and ZOE. Since the launch of Kangoo Z.E. and Fluence Z.E. in late 2011, Renault has sold over 30,000 electric vehicles and currently holds a 61% share of the market in Europe, where its main markets are France, Germany and Italy. Kangoo Z.E. has sold nearly 10,000 units and Fluence Z.E. approach the 4,000 units sold. Twizy, the ingenious, light quadricycle, has sold in nearly 11,000 units since launch in first-half 2012. ZOE, the newest addition to the range, launched massively in Europe in spring 2013, is off to an excellent start, with almost 5,000 sales in the first half-year.

    The LEAF, launched in december 2010, has sold in over 71,000 units and remains the world’s top-selling electric vehicle. The LEAF’s main markets are the US (30,000 units), Japan (28,000) and Europe (12,000). More than 80% of buyers have come from other brands and most of them have bought the LEAF to replace their everyday vehicle.

    The age of the mainstream zero-emission vehicle is here, said Carlos Ghosn. We expect demand to keep growing as the charging infrastructure develops – and we remain 100% committed to zero-emission technology for the long term.

    Since the Alliance committed to zero-emission vehicles, the 100,000 electric vehicles sold by Renault and Nissan have driven approximately 841 million zero-emission kilometers enough to circle the earth more than 20,000 times. Together, they represent 53 million liters of oil saved and 124 million kg of C02 that have not been emitted.

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