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    Meet the men and women who design the world champion engine

    The latest Formula 1 world title is the result of the work and people at Renault Sport F1 who for more than 35 years have been designing engines that have thrilled motor sport fans during the racing season. All these men and women embody boldness, creativity and expertise in the high-tech, ultra-competitive world of Formula 1.

     To pay tribute to their contributions, Renault has come up with a series of photo and video portraits of these employees who put all their knowledge in the service of a single goal: to achieve victory in the ultimate motor sport.
    Watch the videos that follow to discover a world of high technology and exacting demands, in which microns and milliseconds are the measurements used to fine-tune the racing machine that will deliver the best combination of power and reliability on the circuits. To highlight the importance of these “architects of victory”, we called on the talents of photographer Dimitri Coste and the contemporary sound of artists from the trendsetting Ed Banger label.

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