Новый Renault Captur покоряет города своим новшеством, полный обзор модели.

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      Nissan announces expansion plan for R&D, Technical Center in ASEAN  
    Bangkok (Thailand), February 6, 2013 - Nissan Motor Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. announced plans to expand Nissan Technical Center South East Asia (NTCSEA), its regional research and development function, to accelerate Nissan's R&D activities in the ASEAN region.

    A broadened scope of responsibility, the addition of new facilities and an increase of staff will significantly contribute to better addressing the needs of customers in the region. This will also allow for quicker alignment with market requirements, leading to the continued development of innovative and competitive Nissan products.
    The expansion of NTCSEA is an important step in solidifying the foundation for Nissan’s growth objectives outlined in its mid-term business plan.
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      Nissan to build a new passenger car  
    Barcelona (Spain), 4th February, 2013 – Nissan announced that it has allocated production of a new passenger car to its manufacturing plant in Barcelona. Production will begin in July 2014. Barcelona won the bid shortly after reaching a new competitive proposal with the local works council.
    The new passenger car brings an additional 80,000 units of annual capacity to Barcelona, through an investment of €110 million, and the creation of 1,000 direct and 3,000 indirect jobs. The move also diversifies the Barcelona plant’s production, which previously had been heavily dependent on light-commercial vehicles and 4×4’s – vehicles that have been impacted by the economic crisis.
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      Greening Zurich’s taxi fleet  
    Rolle (Switzerland), 25 January, 2013 – Zurich in Switzerland is the latest city to start operating a zero-emission taxi fleet. Following in the tyre tracks of Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City and Sao Paulo, Zurich will soon have a fleet of pure electric Nissan LEAF taxis offering rides around Switzerland’s largest city.
    Appropriately wrapped in an eye-popping bright green colour, the electric taxis will all be powered using green energy. The fleet will use strategically placed fast chargers using 100 per cent renewable energy from the Swiss national grid.

    Greening Zurich’s taxi fleet
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      Nissan begins U.S.A assembly of 2013  
    Franklin (Tennessee) - Jan. 9, 2013. This week, Nissan will ramp up U.S. assembly of the 2013 model year all-electric LEAF at its manufacturing plant in Smyrna (Tennessee), where it will be manufactured alongside the company's gasoline-powered products.

    Nissan begins U.S.A assembly of 2013
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      Infiniti production to start at Sunderland plant  
    Yokohama (Japon), December 19, 2012 – Infiniti, the premium car brand of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, confirmed that, consistent with its global expansion plans, it will manufacture vehicles in Europe from Nissan’s award winning production base in Sunderland, United Kingdom.
    The announcement represents a substantial investment of around £250mn into the facility and is expected to create a further 1,000 jobs at Sunderland and across the UK.

    Colin Dodge CBE, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd Executive Vice President and Chief Performance Officer, stated:
    This milestone, our first premium product to be manufactured at Sunderland, reconfirms our commitment to UK manufacturing and the ongoing success of the plant, which is moving up the value chain. Just as important, the new Infiniti, which will be exported around the world, is being developed with help from our London Design Centre and our European Technical Centre at Cranfield.
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