Новый Renault Captur покоряет города своим новшеством, полный обзор модели.

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      GP of Belgium: all you should know about the Spa circuit  
    GP of Belgium: all you should know about the Spa circuit

    Spa-Francorchamps Circuit: three corners in detail

    La Source to Eau Rouge

    The first corner, the La Source hairpin, is the slowest part of the track: car speeds drop to just 70kph and engine revs to around 8,700rpm. As cars exit the hairpin, the track dips very sharply and continues to fall for several seconds. The compression at the bottom of the descent exerts huge pressure on the engine. The vertical load will be close to +5g, squashing everything downwards into the base of the car – fuel, lubricants, the driver – every part will be positively loaded. At the end of the old pits the track starts to climb very sharply, with a gradient close to 1 in 4, equivalent to one of the steepest climbs in the Tour de France. This is particularly tough for the engine as loads suddenly change.
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      Choose the name of a vehicle  
    Choose the name of a vehicle

    You doubtless remember that the Captur concept car looked ahead to the essence of a forthcoming Renault crossover. The production model formerly known by the code name J87, which was unveiled today, has been given the same name. But what does Captur evoke? And how does Renault come up with the names for its models?
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      Captur: made by Renault  
    Captur: made by Renault

    After New Clio, Renault is continuing the design offensive with the unveiling today of a new urban crossover, Captur. Inspired by the concept car of the same name, this latest model illustrates the second ("Explore") stage in the company's life cycle-based design strategy, combining the best features of an MPV, an SUV and a saloon.
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      Ingenious on board life  
    Ingenious on board life

    To conclude this week devoted to Renault innovations that have been presented from september the 11th till spetember the 17th , Declic introduces you to two ideas that will be introduced in the range in 2013: seats with removable, washable covers and a large drawer to replace the traditional glove box. They're both clever ideas that were needed to make life easier for our customers.
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      Continuing our innovation week  
    Continuing our innovation week

    Continuing our innovation week, here is a subject that looks at how technological innovations can be applied to ecological vehicles. Renault is always looking for solutions to cut the greenhouse gas emissions of road vehicles. For the VELROUE project, it joined forces with Michelin and the IFP (French institute of petroleum). The objective is to demonstrate the feasibility of a dual-mode LCV with electric motors driving the rear wheels by creating a research demonstrator.
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