Новый Renault Captur покоряет города своим новшеством, полный обзор модели.

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      Renault Bass Reflex  
    This week is dedicated to the innovation at Renault, a subject of major importance for the brand. Declic brings you two articles, each describing the birth of an innovation. Clio IV will ship with speakers hitherto reserved for executive vehicles. By optimizing the design principle and adapting an innovation from space technology, Renault has developed Renault Bass Reflex, a new audio system.

    Renault Bass Reflex
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      Renault Kangoo extends its lead in low CO2 emissions with 112g/km  
    The Kangoo and Kangoo Express versions equipped with ENERGY dCi 75 and 90 engines will have CO2 emissions reduced to 112g/km[1] from September 2012. This development boosts the reputation of the passenger car and small van as the most frugal vehicles in their segments.

    Renault Kangoo extends its lead in low CO2 emissions with 112g/km
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      The Clio story: at 22, it’s come of age!  
    The Clio story: at 22, it’s come of age!

    Clio was an instant hit when the first generation was launched in 1990 and its popularity has never waned. Twenty-two years and over 11 million units later, the "small car with big car refinement" remains a firm favourite with customers. So what's the secret of its success? Clio is comfortable, versatile and safe, with manufacturing quality and equipment levels that make it a forerunner in its segment.
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      Cooperative Innovation Laboratory Renault  
    Technocentre (France) – 13 April 2012. Carlos Ghosn went to the Cooperative Innovation Laboratory as part of his schedule of field visits. It was an opportunity for him to find out about forthcoming and future vehicle ranges and to inspect cockpits looking ahead to those planned for the end of the decade.

    Cooperative Innovation Laboratory Renault
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      Clio IV and R-Link: they’re connected!  
    Clio IV and R-Link: they’re connected!

    Back in 1995, you may remember, Renault launched onboard navigation with Carminat. In 2001 the system was installed in Clio II, making it widely available – a real revolution! Eleven years later, it's the turn of Clio IV to take on board the latest in connectivity.
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