Новый Renault Captur покоряет города своим новшеством, полный обзор модели.

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  • Strategic cooperation between the Renault-Nissan Alliance
  • Электронный тормоз на Рено Дастер (Duster) в 2013 году
  • История Рено Дастер (Renault Duster)

      30 Kangoo Z.E. in Luxembourg  
    30 Kangoo Z.E. in Luxembourg

    The Luxembourg postal service, P&T Luxembourg, bought 30 Kangoo Z.E. vans for its delivery rounds in June, bringing the number of electric vehicles in the P&T fleet to 60. The company has the biggest fleet of electric vehicles in the country.
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      The 2013 Aïcha des Gazelles Rally in pictures  
    The 2013 Aïcha des Gazelles Rally in pictures

    Eight Renault "gazelles" (young women) were among the 300 who entered the 23rd Aïcha des Gazelles Rally from 16 to 30 March.
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      Malta goes electric with Renault  
    Malta goes electric with Renault

    Last june, Renault has won a call for bids from the Maltese government, which is seeking to raise the country’s awareness of the advantages of electric vehicles. The government is to acquire ten Fluence Z.E. models and six Kangoo Z.E. vehicles and has committed to rolling out a charging infrastructure on the island as part of a trial operation backed by the European Union.
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      Renault ambassadors  
    On the occasion of the 2013 IPC[1] Athletics World Championship (July 19-28), hosted by Lyon, France, Renault has confirmed the creation of its new disability sports team, ‘Team Handisport.’ The team, which Renault will sponsor through to the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, is comprised of three multiple award-winning ‘athlete-ambassadors’: Marie-Amélie Le Fur in track and field, Elodie Lorandi in swimming and Alim Latrèche in fencing.

    Renault ambassadors
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      Renault production in Argentina  
    Córdoba (Argentina) - August 7, 2013. With 17.1% market share in July, Renault is number one on the Argentinean market, ahead of Volkswagen (16.6%) and General Motors (15.7%). An outstanding performance reached thanks to the success of the line-up and the quality of the network.

    Renault production in Argentina
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