Новый Renault Captur покоряет города своим новшеством, полный обзор модели.

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      Safety and Mobility for All  
    The 2013 international Safety and Mobility for All meeting was held at the Cité des Sciences in Paris, then at nearby Disneyland, from 14 to 16 June. It gave the young winners of this year's contest the chance to present their projects to promote road safety and the environment.

    More than 13 million school students from 35 countries have taken part in this road safety education campaign since it was started by Renault in 2000, with the company providing educational materials to schools. Philippe Girardi, who is in charge of the project in the Corporate Responsibility Department, explains: “Safety and Mobility for All, which at first was just a drawing contest, then a poster contest, has developed over the years to embrace projects in which the children themselves are the main players.” The classes selected to present their projects this year included 65 excellent “players” from six countries.

    Safety and Mobility for All
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      4L International  
    4L International

    Is the Renault 4 a car of the past? That's certainly not the view of the hundreds of 4L owners who came from all over Europe on 6 and 7 July 2013 to meet at Thenay in central France. It was a festive rural gathering for the 4L enthusiasts. Renault Classic made the journey too…
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      ZOE and Renault’s ‘The Bump’ show stand  
    At a ceremony on July 1, ZOE was presented with the ‘2013 Red Dot Product Design Award’ which figures among the design world’s most prestigious international prizes. A 37-strong jury of international experts looked at 4,662 entries for the 19 different categories and chose ZOE for the ‘Red Dot Product Design 2013’ laurels. ZOE is the third Renault model to secure the award, after Mégane II in 2003 and Twizy in 2012. Renault’s new ‘The Bump’ stand concept, which has proved a hit with visitors at recent motor shows, was also singled out by the jury for an award.
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      RE RSM inaugurate solar power plant in Busan  
    Last June, Renault Samsung Motors completed the world’s largest single manufacturing plant and Korea’s first 20MW solar power plant in busan. The Busan Shinho Solar Power Plant is 20 megawatt (MW) scale and covers about 300,000 square meters that includes the factory yard and roof and parking spaces, enough to supply power to 8,300 households.

    RE RSM inaugurate solar power plant in Busan

    The Busan Shinho Solar Power Plant is the Korea’s first solar power plant and the world’s largest that utilizes a single factory site while not destroying the surrounding natural environment. The construction of this solar power plant can provide a good example of efficient power generation for future development of eco-friendly alternative energy.
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      Datsun is back with the GO  
    The Datsun story began a new chapter with the world premiere of the returning brand and its first model, the GO. CEO Carlos Ghosn unveiled the hatchback at a showcase event in India, with Datsun joining Nissan and Infiniti as Nissan Motor Company’s third marque.

    Datsun is back with the GO
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